Northmont City Schools Band Program

Scrip page

Scrip is a program where retailers offer a discount to purchase ‘gift cards’, and when used, that discount returns to your Child’s Band Account. Example: Buy a $100 gift card and you may have just earned $4 for your child’s account because the retailer offers 4% less than face value when purchased through Scrip. When you check out at the store, you pay with the gift card instead of using a credit or debit card! It’s that easy! The only work you have to do, is plan ahead and decide what cards to purchase through scrip. To earn funds in your child’s account is as simple as paying with gift cards instead of using a credit or debit cards! Scrip can be done using physical cards you purchased directly from your Scrip Coordinator, or can be done on-line with a ShopWithScrip Account* where you can purchase cards to pick-up from your coordinator, or purchase eCards, or purchase Virtual Cards you keep on an electronic device. Remember: Scrip does not require you to have electronic devices and/or internet access to participate.

How to Get Started

  1. See Jeannine Carey, your Scrip Representative, at a Booster Meeting or at Tim Horton’s every Tuesday 6:30pm-7:30pm or e-mail her at
  2. Give her your contact information. name, phone #, e-mail, & child’s name
  3. Purchase Cards from the “Scrip Table” a supply of cards kept on-hand that you can buy and use instantly.
  4. Use those cards at the store and start earning money in your Child’s Band Account

Types of Scrip