Northmont City Schools Band Program

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the expectations for grades in relation to the Disney trip? Does my student have to maintain a certain GPA in order to go?

The students must maintain eligibility with the school in order to participate in Marching Band. This rule would apply to the Disney Trip.

Is there a tryout for the date for the front ensemble/drum line

May 22; also every Th percussion practice, auditions coming up. Mr. Wissman usually sends info with students.

How does tryouts work for guard? If I put a down payment and my child doesn’t make the guard do I get my money back?

It would be accurate to describe the auditions as clinics; allowing kids to check out the activity and see if they like it. We teach a short dance piece as well as a short flag piece and have them perform it to the best of their ability. (The pieces are meant to challenge even the vets) Based on behavior and ability, we then offer spots for the fall show- it does become a tryout for those wishing to audition for a spot on the weapon line. (Must have a year experience in order to audition for weapon) We pride ourselves in being able to thoroughly train anyone who wants to learn. So really, the only time someone is not offered a spot is when there is a behavior issue. If someone is struggling, but willing to learn- then they could be offered a spot as an alternate- not marching in the entire show- allowing them to learn in small doses to build up to being able to perform the whole show either later in the season, or in subsequent seasons.

What if my child doesn’t get the spot they want in band?

Every student is guaranteed a spot in marching band. The only parts of marching band that are audition based are 1. Drum Major (student conductors), 2. Guard (flag, rifle, or sabre), and 3. Percussion (drumline instruments and front ensemble instruments). A student might try out for marching snare and not get that instrument due to the limited number of spots, but they would be given an instrument that will make the successful and develop the skill set for instruments they may want to try out for in future seasons. The number one goal is for each student to be able to be successful on their instrument.

What happens if my son does the fund raiser and he changes his mind about band, what happens to the funds he earned?

The Northmont Band is a nonprofit 501(c)3 tax exempt organization. Should a refund be requested by a booster member from a student account, the only refund we are permitted to make prior to the published deadline are those payments that are made directly by the booster member into the student account. No refund can be made for any funds credited through fundraising such as flower and sub sales or SCRIP program. These funds can be redirected to another student’s account or to the general program account.

How do you go about getting signed up on committees?

Committees are posted on Charms. You would sign up for a committee in the same manner that you would sign up to volunteer to work any other BSE shift. After you have sign up for the committee of your choice you will be contacted by the Committee Lead with additional information specific to your committee.

If I volunteer for a committee that accompanies the band to competitions, do I still have to pay to get into the competition?

It is always a good idea to anticipate paying for your admission for competitions even if you are accompanying the band with a committee. Many competitions provide the band with only a few “comp” tickets to be used for chaperones and pit crew members. So it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

When you volunteer at the Dragon’s game, are you committed to the whole game?

Each family is responsible for 3 Dragons shifts for the season, meaning a family of 3 can work one game and meet their shift requirements or have one member work 3 different games. A shift, depending on assignment, may or may not last the entire game, as some stations shut down after the 7th inning. It is unusual that a Dragons shift would be split between two members of a family.

If I can’t work the Friday night games because of work, is there another option to make up this BSE?

Although we do not wish to make it a habit of excusing BSE requirements, we understand that special circumstances exist. We want to work with booster members to accommodate such circumstances. Special arrangements are to be made with the board in writing in advance of the BSE event. All BSEs have equal surcharges this year to make it easier to track BSE substitutions, if any need to occur.

What is the earliest we can sign up to volunteer for an event on CHARMS?

As soon as they are listed on CHARMS.

Who handles the money at the concession?

Whoever is assigned to a window will handle transactions. However, the Stand Leader will be responsible for counting money at the end of the shift as well as monitoring the tills to replenish and remove large bills. The Stand Leader will ask one of the stand workers to help count the money. However, for varsity football games, playoff games, and Band Premiere, the Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer will be responsible for counting money at the end of the the event.

Should we, as new parents, try to sign up for as much stuff as we can? Is it beneficial to sign up now?

You are only required to sign up for as many BSEs as the Financial Agreement stipulates. Early sign-ups guarantees you get the events and days you prefer, so the earlier the better.

If we sign up, can we “tag-team” and work together with our spouse/family?

Yes, for most BSE events.

When/how do our students sign up for their BSE’s?

On CHARMS, the same as adults. They may sign up as soon as the event is listed on CHARMS.

On CHARMS, the same as adults. They may sign up as soon as the event is listed on CHARMS.

It may count as either, but it’s recommended it be used toward the 3 Dragons shift BSEs. Specify on the sign-up sheet at the event.

Are we still doing the Advent Christmas tree farm?

This is has not been confirmed at this time, as the owner indicated a poor growing season and is not sure of the amount of help he will be able to support this year. We should learn more as the season progresses.

If I start paying on the Disney trip can I get a refund if my child backs out of band?

ONLY if you have the insurance plan.

What is SCRIP?

Scrip is a special fundraising opportunity in which you earn money just by using gift cards to pay for your everyday purchases. Sign up now and start earning $$$ toward your student’s account. Click here to visit the Scrip page.